Hybrid Cars

During my time at Ricardo as a control systems engineer, I begun specializing Hybrid vehicle design and development. I’ve been working on Control systems  and Electrical design and installation on Mild Hybrid Vehicles. This proved it was possible to make dramatic fuel improvements to drive cycles, while also importantly giving that Sporty feel of a big engine when […]

Kinetica Installation

Light Sculptures

I have been working with Artist Paul Friedlander for many years on his light sculptures. I have been helping to bring his vision of Stroboscopic art installations to life, and building the electronics to enable this. I have built the hardware to creating patterns and colours which he can control from his Bespoke Computer Software. […]

MIDI Theremin

Having Loved Theremins and always wanted to build one, I visited the Build Brighton group who were working on a project making MIDI Theremins using an Arduino. I’d always kept myself firmly into a analogue electronics, but with the versatility of the MIDI interface and these powerful Ultrasonic sensors, I thought I’d have a go. […]

Prusa 3D Printers

Involved in the Early DIY 3D printer boom, Myself and a Business partner Built and Sold 3D printers we specialized in the Reprap Prusa variety as this was low-cost, easy to build and required minimal printed parts to complete the assembly. We printed all the plastic parts on our own printers, we then assembled and calibrated these. […]

Motion Synthesizer

This was by University Project Making a Tilt controlled Synthesizer, I used an accelerometer to control the pitch and volume of the device, and throughout the development, was dreaming of playing it gracefully like a composer swinging his hand to make the music. Sadly, I never got that got at the musical side of it, […]