About Me

I am interested in taking on new customers and projects in electronics and design, I have a network of support in anything from Linux development to branding and marketing, I can provide a well rounded service to support you through the design and development of a product.

Get in contact with me if you have an existing project or ideas that you’d like to bring into reality, I’m sure I can help steer you to a path that will get you exactly what you need.


I build microcontorller systems using PIC and AVR chips and write the code to interface with high level control applications. I specialize in Electronic design, producing PCBs and developing products. I also can provide 3D design services to create cases to house these products giving the prototype a representative housing to validate the concept.

I also provide the back end development on Web sites and CMS systems to deliver the client with a friendly simple interface giving them a great user experience.

  • Electronic Design
  • Control System Design
  • 3D modelling
  • Website Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Content Management Systems (PHP)
After Completing my Electronic and Electrical Engineering Degree at Sussex, I have worked with several clients producing Bespoke Electronic gadgets to provide the Visual and Audio solutions to meet their needs. I have also worked with Paxton Access Producing Video Entry systemsm, RFID Readers and Factory test equipment. I have been employed at Ricardo for many years designing vehicle electrical systems and control systems on a variety of projects to produce prototype Hybrid vehicles in addition to this electronic design work.
I have been working with my business Partner Will Chidlow on producing Bespoke WordPress Websites, as a designer an Branding specialist he knows exactly how he wants it, and my role is ensuring he gets that, and als othe client get a site they can easily maintain and alter as they wish. This has been very successful and we have launched a company providing these services to small businesses. Visit Off Grid Creative for more info
After taking an interest in the World of DIY 3D Printers, I started Building Reprap Printers with Chris Adams, we modified and re-designed these until we had a stable and reliable design. Form here we started producing assembled Prusa Printers, as the design evloved we moved onto MendelMax printers due to their improved strength, simple build and professional design, we built and sold these for a year until the mass market printers boomed and it stopped being cost effective to build them with the rise low cost kit alternatives. We always made high quality products which rarely had any comeback from customers experiencing issues with our products

What I Do

Electronic Engineering

If you need customized Electronic Gadgets designed to meet your specific application, I can help

Product Design

I can support you getting Products developed, from Prototypes to scaling up into production, I have a network of Support I can call on throughout all stages of Product Development

Testing and Analysis

I can test your Designs and give you feedback on how to improve them

Web Design

I can deliver Bespoke Websites to meet the needs of the client, I specialize in Wordpress PHP Development, and also provide HTML and CSS Design

3D Printing

I Design and Create using my 3D Printer and fully equipped workshop. I can make Prototypes, print 3D Models, or even help you get your own printer up and running

Being a Joy to work with

Not only will you get great service, it comes with a smile

Let's Work Together!

My Work

Here's a selection of Projects I have worked on

Good Projects = Happy Clients!